Gobles Virtual Academy K-12 Virtual Learning, Dedicated, Teacher Support Enroll Now for Fall 2023 GVA Gobles Virtual Academy

Gobles Virtual Academy is now enrolling for the 2023/2024 school year. Interested or want additional information please complete the following form. https://forms.gle/LH7hqUQdBYc91sy47

The Gobles Virtual Academy provides students with an option that is different from a traditional classroom experience. Students who are accepted into the virtual program are required to meet program rules and regulations throughout their program enrollment. In turn, students will experience a self-directed learning experience supported by highly qualified teachers and staff. Student performance in the program is reviewed at the end of each semester.  I understand that failure to meet program rules and regulations may result in dismissal from the program and that my student will be enrolled in classes in the building. As the parent/guardian, you may also request your child be transferred from the GVA to in person classes at the end of each semester.

As part of your application process, students and parents/guardians are required to attend a pre-enrollment meeting with the school principal by calling the Gobles Middle High School office at 269-628-9340. Meetings will include parent/guardian(s), student, administrator, and school guidance counselor.

Visit www.gobles.org OR https://www.gobles.org/page/virtual-academy