Elementary K-5 Title I Math Paraprofessional

Half Time Middle School Math Teacher- Seeking a person with a strong background and thorough preparation in the field of Mathematics. The successful candidate will have the ability to make Math come alive for students in the classroom. Innovative teaching techniques and good classroom management skills required. Candidate should be well read and have a thorough knowledge of Mathematics with a proven record for improving student achievement. Must meet “highly qualified” requirements and have a certification in Middle School Mathematics. Coaching opportunities available. If interested and qualified, submit letter of interest and resume to Tommie D. Saylor Jr., Principal, Gobles Middle/High School.


Substitute Teachers Needed - Apply through EDUStaff, LLC - Click Here for additional details.
How to:
​Interested in working as a Substitute Teacher?
 Please apply using the following instructions:
1.      Go to 
2.      Top left hand corner, click on "
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3.      Complete the online application
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