Superintendent Welcome

Gobles Tigers,

I am excited to return home!

As a 1988 graduate of Gobles Public Schools, I am excited to return home as the Superintendent of Gobles Public Schools.

After graduating from Gobles, I furthered my education by attending Western Michigan University earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a focus on Social Studies, and Political Science. I returned to Gobles Schools to teach World History, United States Government, Economics, Yearbook, and America at War. It was also a privilege to serve as the Junior Class Sponsor, and create the first traveling History Club. During my career, I earned two master’s degrees from Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan, specifically a Master’s Degree in the Art of Teaching, and the other in Educational Leadership.

After retiring from coaching, I moved into administration taking an Athletic Director/Assistant Principal Position at River Valley High School in Three Oaks Michigan. Our staff, parents, and community members worked to implement expectations, common goals, align curriculum, grading practices, and consistent values across the district. We identified areas to help our students achieve success. This commitment and common vision led to a cultural transformation within the school and community.

When I was given the opportunity to work at Constantine Public Schools it was a privilege to work with motivated students, driven teachers, and proud community members. In my first year at Constantine Schools, I served as the middle school principal. I served the next two years as superintendent. During this time we worked to align the curriculum, develop a six year plan for standards based education, implement our Portrait of a Graduate, network with the community, and build a positive school culture.

In my personal life, I love to travel! My passion for traveling and commitment to help educate students on the importance of history, cultures, and people led to the opportunity to speak at a number of Teacher Conventions around the world. The opportunity to speak to fellow educators in Belize, England, and France fed my passion for travel. While teaching at Gobles Public Schools, I completed a week-long Quality School training at Dublin University, in Dublin, Ireland.

In 2007 I had the opportunity to take 29 students back to Ireland on our inaugural History Club trip. This trip would be the first of many. Over the years I have taken over two hundred students to seven different countries including Belize, Costa Rica, Ireland, Italy, England, France, and Greece. Highlights of the Gobles History Club include being featured in the New York Times and Mlive. The links to the articles are below.

New York Times Article:

Mlive Article:

The center of my world is family. I have been married to my wife Kim for 29 years. We have three amazing children: Brooklynn, Brenna, and Mason. Brooklynn, our oldest daughter, works at Bronson and has been married to her husband Justin for five years. Brooklynn and Justin have blessed us with two amazing grandchildren. Max, age five, loves to go on adventures with “G.” Ella is three and enjoys playing in her pool. Brenna graduated from Grand Canyon University with her degree in Elementary Education and also returned home to teach at Gobles Elementary. Brenna is married to her husband Greg, and recently found out they will be adding to their family. Mason graduated from Gobles High School in 2018 and is working full-time at McDonald’s Towing and Rescue, Inc., building and maintaining police and fire vehicles. Mason also coaches football at Gobles, with his long-term goal is to teach and coach football.

My family also consists of two sisters and my mom who is a Gobles Alumni Class of 1958, she enjoys exercising and plays volleyball multiple times a week. She looks forward to dressing up for Halloween and family gatherings. My oldest sister Julie teaches in South Haven, and my youngest sister Jennifer is the Human Resources/Executive Assistant at Gobles Public Schools and coaches JV Volleyball. With over 20 years in education, I also value and love hearing from my extended family of players, students, coaches, colleagues, and friends.

Over the coming weeks, months, and years it is our goal to define and develop an educational experience that promotes and provides an exceptional opportunity for all Gobles Tigers! If you are interested in serving on any of our upcoming committees please reach out to see what is available.

It is a pleasure to serve you as the superintendent of Gobles Public Schools. I look forward to building relationships with our community, school, and alumni. Thank you for your support.


James Wiseley
Gobles Public Schools