A New Gobles Tiger

Gobles Elementary School is excited to welcome a new Gobles Tiger! After being awarded a grant from the Parker-Hannifin Corporation, students at Gobles Elementary were able to witness the amazing talents and creativity of local artist and chainsaw woodcarver, Steven Drenth. Over a period of two days, students were able to view the transformation of a fallen log that was repurposed into a statue of a tiger and will now become a permanent fixture within the elementary school. The process of carving with a chainsaw and then detailing was something that many of the students had never experienced before. We can only hope that this project encourages students to not only use their creativity, but also to understand the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling.


Woodcarver, Steven Drenth, grew up in Decatur and attended Decatur Public Schools. At an early age, he had an interest in art and continued his art education by taking art classes in high school and later from Southwestern Michigan College where he earned an Associates degree in Arts. Steven’s art career may have began as a hobby, but he now lives in Kalamazoo with his wife and two daughters and has made carving his full time career. The majority of his time is spent in his “carving shack” that he built in his backyard or onsite for custom orders. Steven Drenth’s business, Drenth Design, has become extremely popular due to social media where individuals can watch videos and view completed projects on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


Gobles Elementary is extremely thankful for the opportunity to share this experience with their students and hopes that the community and visitors from other area schools have the chance to meet their newest addition in the near future!