First Grade Supply List

Individual Student Supplies

  • 2 boxes of Crayons (up to 24 count)

  • Pencils (Ticonderoga)

  • 4 packs of 8 Dry Erase markers

  • 2 Packages of cap erasers

  • 1 set of 12 colored pencils

  • Scissors

  • 2 durable plastic folders

  • Backpack (without wheels, so it will easily fit in cubby space)

  • Clean pair of gym shoes to keep at school

  • High Quality Headphones (headsets work best)

  • Colored markers

  • Notebook for writing and drawing

Please let your teacher know of any financial difficulties that may prevent your child from having these items.

Classroom Supplies

Please donate any of the following if and when you are able, thank you!

  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

  • Tissues

  • Extra Snacks

  • Extra dry erase markers

  • Crayola watercolor paint