Gobles Tiger Banner Project Gobles Public Schools proud supporters, and alumni, We are excited to announce the Gobles Tiger Banner Project. This project is a great way for alumni, parents, coaches, family, and friends to show off your Tiger Pride. Banners can be customized with your name and graduation year or to celebrate achievements by individuals, teams, and/or groups. What: Banners are 2 x 4 and double sided. Orders will be placed with alternating colors. Where: Banners will be displayed on light and telephone poles within the Gobles Public Schools School District. When:  Cost: Orders are due no later than Friday August 25, 2023. Orders can be dropped off at the high school office or mailed. Banners are $110 each. (Includes Hardware) Checks payable to Gobles Public Schools. Name: Date: Phone: Email:  Write what you would like displayed on the banner  Please write clearly  Mail Orders to: Gobles Public Schools 409 North State Street Gobles Michigan 49055 Attn: Banners  Please make checks payable to Gobles Public Schools. ($110 each) QUESTIONS: (269) 628 - 9390 j im.wiseley@gobles.org  While the banners are made of high-quality vinyl, the purchaser understands the banner will be subject to the elements. Purchaser does not hold Gobles Public Schools, City of Gobles, or its employees, responsible for the wear and tear of the banner. Replacement banners will be available for $80. This is not a fundraiser.

Gobles Public Schools is continuing to offer banners for displaying around the grounds and community. 

Link to form: HERE