Jeff Pangle phone The Tiger Way Award recipient

Starting the 2022/2023 school year, Gobles Public Schools will award The Tiger Way School Service Award. 

The School Service Award will be awarded to those individuals who embody the core values of The Tiger Way, and the standards of Gobles Public Schools. Our strong academic, and cultural foundation is reflected in those individuals who strive to be quality citizens of our community. 

A solid foundation is needed for all great organizations, societies, communities, and schools. The Tiger Way starts with Leadership. Our district prides itself on providing education, and pathways for students to lead others. Students who lead with a purpose, by example, and by collaboration through teamwork. They are great role models. The Tiger Way practices Integrity through good citizenship, reflects hard work, and pride in our school and community. Gobles students take on the Responsibility of learning through positive choices, and opportunities to improve. The Tiger Way promotes Respect with a positive and productive learning environment. An environment that promotes the importance of caring about their peers, staff, and our community. 

The Tiger Way is a collection of leadership, integrity, Respect, and Responsibility. It is the Pride and Tradition of our Families, Community, and Gobles Public Schools. It is who we have chosen to be. 

The 2023 Tiger Way School Service Award winner is a reflection of what we all want to be. An individual who leads with a purpose. They provide leadership for our students. They practice integrity and pride in our school and community. They are respectful, and willing to help all students have opportunities. They provide valuable life lessons in making positive choices. This year's recipient has provided leadership to run clubs, provided financial support for those students who cannot attend school trips, donated equipment, and provided numerous hours of support to our students. 

The 2023 Tiger Way School Service Award Winner is Jeff Pangle