Middle/High School News

The 2021 Quiz Bowl season was shorter than usual as several area schools did not field teams due to various reasons.  Most schools intend to return to the league next year.  The participating schools were Delton-Kellogg, Gobles, Hackett, and Watervliet.  Some schools had just varsity teams, but others had JV and/or MS teams, too!  Gobles fielded all 3 levels.  Gobles team coach and SAC league coordinator, Carrie Butler, said, "We want to keep the activity alive through COVID. Some schools had retiring coaches, or coaches that became administrators, or had busing issues, and it really affected the size of the league and the length of the season."  Normally the season runs from right after winter break until spring break - this year they were done on February 23rd. Quiz Bowl is a fast pace competition between schools and includes questions on academic subjects and pop culture.  They mix it up with speed rounds, general topic rounds, visual clues, buzzer matches, and tournament-style games in which students work more as a team than as individuals.

The Goble Varsity team included: Dulce Ramos-Martinez, Alyssa Martin, Cole Stapert, Troy Gordon, and Jakub Hermansky.  The Jv team was made up of: Elena Phillips, Chloe Kneller, Aurelya Razak, Arev Mkrtchyan, and Helena Carretero. The students who played for middle school were  Ismael Ramos-Martinez and Shawn Martin.