District Leadership

The 2021-2022 Gobles Public Schools District Improvement Team (DIT) focus is to Improve School Climate, Culture, and Communication. There are Ten Strategy Implementation Plan Activities. The DIT will meet monthly starting September 2021 through May 2022 to monitor progress of the 2021-2022 plan as well as to begin collecting/providing feedback for development of the 2022-2023 focus.

Membership/contact information includes:

Jeff Rehlander, Superintendent:  jeffery.rehlander@gobles.org
Chris Miller, Director of Operations:  chris.miller@gobles.org
Tommie Saylor, Jr., Secondary Principal:  tommie.saylor@gobles.org
Katherine Markovich, Elementary Principal:  katherine.markovich@gobles.org
Loriann Harbaugh, High School Teacher:  loriann.harbaugh@gobles.org
Kraig Zantello, High School Parent:  kraigzantello@yahoo.com
Leah Herman, Middle School Teacher:  leah.herman@gobles.org
Danielle Hinson, Middle School Parent:  usmcwife555@gmail.com
Megan Ivester, Upper Elementary Teacher:  megan.ivester@gobles.org
Kelly Pangle, Upper Elementary Parent:  kellypangle@yahoo.com
Maggie Platt, Lower Elementary Teacher:  maggie.platt@gobles.org
Julie Collard, Lower Elementary Parent:  jcollard2661@hotmail.com

Please feel free to contact one of the team members with your feedback.