Board of Education

Recent Trainings:
MASB Experience-Based Interviewing-Ben Baxter
MASA School Advance Board Training-Joe DeYoung
MASB CBA 101: Fundamentals of School Board Service-Joe DeYoung
MASB CBA 102: Governing Through Policy-Joe DeYoung
MASB CBA 103: Basic School Finance-Joe DeYoung
MASB CBA 104: Basic School Law-Joe DeYoung
MASB CBA 224: Succession Planning-Melanie Martin
MASB CBA 242: Experience-Based Interviewing-Melanie Martin
MASB CBA 358: Customer Service, If Not Now, When?-Melanie Martin
MASB CBA 246: Advanced Community Relations-Justin Burza
MASB CBA 276: Board/Superintendent Relations-Don Warren
MASA School Advance Board Training-Don Warren
At the September 13, 2021 Board of Education Meeting, Melanie Martin was appointed as Delegate and Erin Phillips was appointed as Alternate to attend and represent the Gobles Board of Education at the MASB Delegate Assembly Conference on November 11, 2021 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Delegates will participate in voting on MASB Policies up for adoption.