Transcript Requests for graduates of 2007 to Present Students

We would like to reply to your request for a transcript as efficiently as possible. If you graduated in 2007 or later, you will need to request that your transcript be processed electronically. The State of Michigan has put in place an electronic system (Docufile) to pass transcripts between high schools and colleges and various scholarships organizations.

The advantages are:

We can deliver a secure transcript to virtually any college in the immediate five state areas without going through US Mail. This saves postage and copying expenses and probably gets transcripts delivered a week faster.

It also allows us to properly identify the person making the request.

It allows you to track the status of your request.

You will need to register by setting up an account at to request a transcript. You may also have to pay a small fee if your requested institution requires U. S. Mail delivery of your transcript.

Quick Start Guide to setting up your Parchment account.

If you graduated prior to 2007, you will need to submit a Transcript Request Form.

Download the Transcript Request form here: Transcript Request Form


Call the middle/high school office at (269) 628-2113 and we will send you a request form.

Transcript  Requests  for  graduates  of  2007  to  Present  Students