Linda Westcott Memorial Scholarship

Linda Jean Westcott was born in Kalamazoo in 1947. She attended Kalamazoo Central High school graduating in 1965. From that point, she attended Western Michigan University for two years, ended her college career, married James Westcott and started a family. She was a dedicated wife and mother, and her love of children was not only for the four she had at home, but she also spread her welcoming arms to kids throughout the neighborhood; she cared for, guided, taught, and loved many children over the years.

Because she left such a footprint on the hearts of those she touched, we are proud to offer the Linda Westcott Memorial Scholarship to a deserving senior who is interested in a vocation working with children. Her legacy, in this way, will not be forgotten.

Selection Criteria

  1. The goal of this scholarship is to encourage a student to pursue a college program that will prepare him/her for involvement in child care/development or in some way involve working with children, preferably but not limited to the teaching profession.

  2. The student must be a Gobles High School graduating senior.

  3. The student must have a minimum G.P.A of 2.5.

  4. The student must have portrayed excellent citizenship.

  5. The student must have shown community and school participation.

Selection Committee

The selection committee shall consist of the following members:

  1. The high school principal

  2. The high school counselor

  3. Two family members

  4. Two community members

    All members of the committee will have one vote in the selection of the recipient of the scholarship.

Past Winners

2018    Lauren Palmer
​2017    Hailey Baxter
2016    Abigail Papke
2015    Kimberly Barber
2014    Amber Wallace
2013    Emily Boyer    
2012    Brittany Marie Curtis
2011    Jessica Nicole Lechman
2010    Jessica Taylor Kuldanek
2008    Rachel Lynn Parsons
2007    Christina Kaianna Gibson
2006    Alicia Kay Fox
2005    Rebecca Rae Gibson
2004    Arlie Rose Hunter
2003    Jessica Michelle Bloom
2002    Danielle Ruby Coster


Linda Westcott