Kenneth Zantello Memorial Scholarship

The selection committee for the Zantello Scholarship will be made up of a high school coach, the school counselor, the high school principal, a community representative to be determined by the school Board and a member of the Zantello family, or their representative.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Strong emphasis on participation in athletic programs

  2. Must be a graduating senior from Gobles High School

  3. Must be involved in athletics, although not necessarily a top-performer- Priority will be given toward the all-around athlete

  4. Must have a good personal attitude, sportsmanship, and enthusiasm

  5. Financial need will be considered

  6. Recipient must be admitted to a post-secondary program, and use the award to defray educational expenses

Previous Recipients

2023 Nolan VanHorn

2022 Preston Zantello

2021 Karlee Henderson

2020 Courtney Winne