Kelley Benya Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year Award

The athletic coaches will select one female student who has been outstanding in several sports to be honored as the outstanding athlete of the year. The athlete who receives this award will demonstrate outstanding leadership ability, dedication to the improvement of the entire athletic program, helpfulness to coaches and outstanding character. In order to receive the monetary award for this scholarship, the recipient must attend the following: Trade School, 2 or 4 year Community College or University.

The selection process for this award will take place in three stages:

  1. All coaches will be asked to nominate up to four female athletes for consideration.

  2. The list of nominees will be compiled by the Athletic Director and presented to the coaches. These names will be placed on the final ballot by rank ordering the top four selections. The Athletic Director will tabulate the ballots from each coach and present the final ballot to the coaches.

  3. The final balloting will be done at a meeting of the coaches. All ballots must contain four names, if there are at least four names presented for final balloting. All coaches must turn in a ballot. When all ballots are in, the Athletic Director will tabulate the ballots.

The award will be presented to the outstanding female athlete at the Senior Awards program.

Past Winners:

2023 Kaya Huizenga