Jacob Baas Memorial Scholarship

The Jacob Baas Memorial Scholarship is an endowment established by the Baas family in appreciation for the excellent education awarded their family in the past, to help graduating seniors from Gobles High School in their college education.

To apply, complete the 
application and submit it to the Guidance Office.

Selection Criteria:

  1. The student must be a Gobles High School graduating senior

  2. The student must have a "B" average, or higher

  3. The student must have excelled in the field of mathematics*

  4. The student must be enrolled in a college, university, or community college

  5. Special consideration will be given to a student with financial needs*

*These are to be the major considerations in the selection of a recipient.

Selection Committee:
The selection committee shall consist of the following members:

  1. High School Principal

  2. One teacher from the Gobles High School Mathematics Department

  3. On member of the Baas family, more specifically, Mrs. Ethyl Baas or one of her three daughters

  4. High School Counselor

  5. One current Board Member of the Gobles Public Schools Foundation

  • All members of the committee will have one vote in the selection of the recipient of the scholarship

  • The High School Principal shall serve as chairman of the selection committee

  • The Baas Memorial Scholarship shall be awarded annually during the graduation program each year

  • This scholarship will be awarded only once to each student selected and the check is to be made payable to the student and the university/college attended by the student

​This is to be a perpetual scholarship, and therefore, the original sum is not to be used in making the annual award. The annual amount of the award will be determined by the amount of dividends received and/or interest earned. If possible, a minimum of $500.00 is to be awarded annually. If the amount of dividends received and/or interest earned is large enough, the selection committee may increase the amount awarded and/or award a minimum of $500.00 to more than one recipient.

Previous Recipients

2023 Samantha Paladi

2022 Preston Zantello, Madison Ely

2021 Gabriel Miller

2020 Cesar Martinez