Gobles Elementary Parent's Club Scholarship

Selection Criteria:

  1. GPA minimum of 2.5

  2. Take into consideration difficulty of classes taken

  3. Students must be enrolled in college, university, community college, or trade school

  4. Student at Gobles Public Schools from grades 3-12

  5. Good citizenship

  6. Participation in extracurricular activities- Participation in non-athletic activities will be viewed more favorably than athletic activities

  7. Special consideration will be given to a student based on the financial need of the student and for a student who otherwise may not receive a financial scholarship based upon academic excellence

Selection Committee:

  1. One member of the Gobles Parents Association

  2. One member of the Board of Education

  3. One member of the Gobles Elementary School teaching staff with at least 12 years of experience

  4. One member of the Middle School teaching staff with at least 5 years of experience

  5. One member of the High School teaching staff with at least 5 years experience

  6. Elementary School Principal

​At no time will a committee member be seated if a relative shall be an applicant. If such condition exists, the Elementary Principal shall appoint a replacement from the teaching staff.

Past Winners:

2023 Alyssa Martin