Glenn Osborn Memorial Scholarship

The Glenn Osborn Memorial Scholarship was established to remember and celebrate the life of Mr. Glenn Osborn, a long-time leader in the Gobles Public School District, especially in the area of athletics, where he served as Athletic Director from until 1994.

Selection Criteria

  1. Participation in sport(s) and/or extra-curricular activities at GHS

  2. Good citizenship

  3. Going to college to complete a degree

  4. Going to MIAA or Division III College (optional)
    A. An award may be presented to a two-year college student; however they will not receive this award until they have enrolled in a four-year college leading toward a degree.
    B. This award may be presented to either a male or female graduate.
    C. It is not necessary, although it is desired, to award the scholarship every year
    D. As long as a family member wants and is available to, they will pick who will serve on the selection committee each year. Alyce Osborn or her daughter Sherry, each year, will select one faculty member, one other staff member and one other member of family choosing to serve on the selection committee. The selection of these three positions of the selection committee by Alyce Osborn or her daughter Sherry will continue until they are unable to perform this function or delegate this responsibility to the High School Principal.
    E. If funds become available from the interest earned, two scholarships of $1 000 each) may be awarded. The principal shall not be used to award this scholarship once this fund has reached a fund balance of $20,000.
    F. Donald Duck should be put on the plaque or booklet

Selection Committee

The selection committee shall consist of the following members:

  1. family member(s)

  2. one faculty member

  3. one other staff member

  4. high school principal

  5. athletic director or coach on current teaching staff

  6. guidance counselor

  7. one other member of family's choosing

Congratulations to Kevin Chandler and Madeline Tiller, the 2019 recipients of the Glenn Osborn Memorial Scholarship.

Past Winners

2023 Ellianna VanHorn, Morgan Kohlert

2022 Nile Devers, Andrew Thorpe

2021 Dylan Schafer, Joseph DeYoung

2020 Caleb Brady, aChristina Hunt

2019    Kevin Chandler & Madeline Tiller
​2018    Jacob Bolhuis & Jacob Hancox
​2017    Tyler Hunt & Clayton Stappert
2016    Devon Gildea & McKenzie Winne
2015    Cody Schafer & Shannon South
2014    Ashley Boyer & Shane Ampey
2013    Tyler Rock & Seth Johnson
2012     Jacob Charles Cramer & Lydia Louise Gildea
2011    Richard Gray Vreeland III & Melina Marie DeKilder
2010    Judith Jessica Gilbert & Ryan William Lisowski   
2009    Ashley Ann Guizio & Nicholas Bruce Stapert        
2008    Tamara Jean Smith & Dylan Holt Burke
2007    Kyle Jacob Dietrich & Emilee Mae Nason
2006    Erin Angela Killeen & Vanessa L. Kincaid
2005    Joshua John Dietrich & Brett Johnson
2004    David Allen Arrasmith & Joni Marie Vosburg
2003    John Robert Eastman & Michael Scott Louwaert
2002    Kristin Lindsay Fritz & Travis Michael King