Brendan Baker Compassion Scholarship

The Brandan Baker Compassion Scholarship is established in honor of the Class of 2016 who demonstrated exceptional compassion and kindness to their classmate Brendan Baker. Brendan, who has autism, completed the K-12 education at Gobles and received tremendous acceptance and support from both his classmates and the Gobles teaching community. The Brendan Baker Compassion scholarship awards two 500.00 scholarships to two graduates who have shown outstanding kindness and compassion to their fellow classmates, especially those who may have special needs.

Selection Committee:

  1. A six member selection committee will be made up of the following:

  2. A teacher from the elementary, middle, and high school

  3. The band director

  4. A middle/high school support staff member (secretary, para pro, etc.)

  5. A Baker family member

Selection Criteria:

  1. Graduating Senior

  2. Attended Gobles Schools from grades 3-12

  3. Has demonstrated compassion and kindness toward their fellow classmates, teachers and staff, especially those with special needs.

  4. Special consideration to band members and/or students who may be pursuing special education careers.

  5. Special consideration will be given to a student who may not otherwise receive a financial scholarship based on academic excellence.

  6. Applications will be accepted but not required. We want to recognize the person who performs small but impactful acts of kindness without thought of reward or recognition.

Previous Recipients

2023 Samantha Carlson, Dulce Ramos-Martinez

2022 Gabriella Bell, Preston Zantello

2021 Catherine Huston, Karlee Henderson

2020 Faith Sweet, Joseph Miller