Bond 2014 News
“We have to always put the students first as we make decisions and that’s what we’re going to do. 
We have this great opportunity to fundamentally improve our programs and facilities, so we’re 
going to take the time to make sure we do it right.”

Jeff Rehlander
Gobles Public Schools Superintendent

An Update on the Bond Project
Signs of progress are already everywhere in the halls and classrooms of both district 
buildings, as work has already begun to renovate and retool our schools for the 
future, a project that will take all of the next fourteen months.

As soon as the community passed the bond issue on May 6, the district entered 
the “Design Phase” of the bond project, and administrators met with professional 
services staff to secure and protect district finances, to address technology plans, and 
to establish a comprehensive timeline, all for review with the Board of Education at their 
monthly meeting on June 9.

District administrators are following the principle of good tradesmen, which 
is to “measure twice, cut once”, so as to ensure each step has been carefully planned 
and implemented. Over the next months teachers and principals in both buildings 
will work together to align and envision our curriculum and all teaching and learning 
activities with the opportunities that will be provided with new technology resources. 
Teachers and students will pilot several new technology tools in classrooms, with 
assessments of each for the ways in which the tools help teachers teach, and the ways 
they help students learn.

According to Gobles superintendent Jeff Rehlander, the first consideration of all bond 
project decisions has to be the ways in which improvements support the core mission of 
the district.

“We have to always put the students first as we make decisions,” Rehlander said. “And 
that’s what we’re going to do. We have this great opportunity to fundamentally improve 
our programs and facilities, so we’re going to take the time to make sure we do it right.”

As the teaching and learning is being updated and instructional technology is 
being piloted, much work will be done to update our infrastructure. That work 
is already underway. Old phone lines and network servers will be replaced and 
updated, computer labs will be replaced with new computers, and the buildings will be 
outfitted with wireless access points to allow for wireless teaching and learning, starting 
in Fall, 2014.

The Design Phase also includes the preparation of all necessary documents 
for new construction and the physical renovation of buildings. This design work 
has begun as well, and documents will be finalized over the summer and fall to be ready for 
review and authorization in the fall, after which time they’ll be prepared for bidding 
to local contractors during the Winter of 2014/2015.


Gobles Public Schools is partnering with the Bid4Michigan Bid System and will post their bid
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Below you will find a PDF version of the Facility Assessment Document prepared for Gobles Public Schools by architects and engineers at TowerPinkster, and technology consultants from Secant. It has been saved in sections because it is such a large document.